Mission & Philosophy

Our Group has but one mission: to provide our clients the tools and resources they need to craft and implement a plan. We help clients all across the US with creating plans for various goals such as saving and investing for retirement, funding short term goals like a down payment on a house, or setting up a College Savings Account for a child or loved one. Our capabilities and services are broad to help meet the many needs of clients spanning generations, each with different needs and desires.

Our philosophy is simple: We feel the best way to understand each and every client is to listen. The world is full of salesmen who show you a solution before they have taken the time to understand the problem. In contrast, we will listen and help guide your narrative so that we can learn not just what you want accomplished, but how you want it accomplished. If you like market and economic email updates, we can send them. If you prefer only a personal letter every now and then, we can do so. We want to be the advisors you know and like, not a suit talking over your head and filling your inbox.

We hope you enjoy our website. There are many helpful tools and calculators like a credit card paydown calculator and frequently updated market news. Referrals are our primary source for new clients so if you are happy with us, pass it on!

Paul and Scott

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